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Joe Hartman School News and Updates

Thanks to the hard-work and dedication of the Joe Hartman staff, the 2016-2017 school year is underway and going well.  Each day the school is filled with smiling children eager to learn.  The students have been learning a variety of things, including reading, writing, math, Spanish language, science, social studies, and even English.   


At The Joe Hartman School, most students come to school with empty stomachs. Hunger causes headaches, inability to focus, stomach pain, and fatigue.


Currently, a big project is underway to build a dining facility and kitchen at the school! Groups are constructing the facility and we are working to fund this project so that each student will be fed daily and be more successful in school, able to focus, as well as extend the school day after lunch to provide more education!


For more news and photos, please "like" us on facebook at and follow us on instagram @joehartmanschoolproject.

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