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 Yamalia Maduro Jiménez


Yamalia is our kindergarten teacher (pre-k) and works with our little 4 year old  munchkins. She studies education in La Romana but is originally from Samana which is on the northern coast of the DR. She likes to be part of the children’s formative years and help them learn kindness and respect. Her charisma is such a great energy to have at the school!



Altagracia Zorilla 


Another one of the teachers that has been here since the very beginning! Altagracia teaches Pre-first grade (what many of us would call Kindergarten). She always has a great spirit in the classroom, and engages kids with songs and activities to help them retain information more easily. She loves working with the students and watching them learn new things.   





New to the Joe Hartman family, Kalinelys started the year off as a classroom helper for the pre-first grade classroom before taking over first grade when Ana Barbara went on maternity leave. Her teamwork attitude and flexibility have been a huge help to the school and to classroom management. We are lucky to have her on board! 



Ana Cristina Elige 


Ana has been at the school since the very beginning and is the second grade teacher. She comes from a line of educators and felt it was the best way to give back. She is finishing up her degree in education and hopes to teach secondary education. Ana loves teaching the students math and enforcing their reading skills. 




Ana Barbara Feliz


Ana Barbara is the first grade teacher at the school and has a degree in Primary education, focusing specifically on reading and writing. She is driven and always tries to learn new things. Ana Barbara pursued teaching because child development fascinates her and because she enjoys sharing her knowledge with students and seeing them grow.  



Maria Luisa 


Maria Luisa is new to the school. She started teaching third grade at the beginning of this school year and has quickly become part of the Joe Hartman family. She has two kids enrolled at the school and is very creative, often doing art projects with the kids using recycled materials. Her love for the students and teaching make it a joy to have her at the school. 





Fedora joined the family last fall as a new third grade teacher. She works hard to teach the four main subjects, putting extra focus on reading and writing since a lot of her students are repeating students and struggle with spelling and sounding out words. She has a lot of patience with the kids and the love she has for teaching is evident. 

Rosa Alexander 


Rosa is our other fourth grade teacher who started working at the school four years ago in 2014. She has a degree to teach social science at the secondary education level and in addition to working at Joe Hartman, teaches at night and on Saturdays. Being a mother and teaching her daughter how to read led her to pursue a career in education so that she could impart her knowledge to others!



Luz Maria Fish


Luz has been a teacher at the school since it opened back in 2011. She currently teaches 5th grade, touching upon the four major subjects: math, Spanish language, social science, and natural science. She has her degree in education and is licensed to teach middle school and high school. Luz has a son and dog that she loves very much and is always doing things for others!



Anania Jerome


Anania is one of the teachers to have been at the school since it opened in 2011. She has a degree in education and is licensed to teach elementary and high school. Anania is the 6th grade teacher at Joe Hartman, and often acts as a counselor as well as a teacher. When given the opportunity to teach in the public school system, she chose to stay at Joe Hartman and take on an afternoon teaching job at the public school. Her dedication to the school and mission is evident in the work she does with the students; always pushing them to be their best self.  


Mirurkys Perez Zorilla


Mirurkys has been the school psychologist since 2014 and a tremendous help to the school. She is in charge of giving extra help to students who are behind and to those who suffer behavioral problems. She first started working at the school as an intern and later became the psychologist when she graduated from college. Her desire to help students stems from her own experience with dyslexia and she loves being able to see progress in students. 

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